Frequently Asked Questions

Providing answers to frequently asked questions about the InsultAConservative website. The desire is that everyone feel comfortable while using this website.

If not a paid Micro-Dues™ Member, you must establish an account before you can gain access to Membership features.

After the payment transaction has cleared, you will automatically be directed to a payment confirmation page which contains information about logging on to your account. 

If you are a Member having problems logging on to your account, please follow this link for expert help from the Support Group. 

Follow this link to reserve and pay Micro-Dues™ for your account. Unique member identification helps ensure account anonymity, and drastically reduce outside efforts to "troll" other members. Payments are processed through PayPal, and a PayPal account is NOT REQUIRED, as indicated at the bottom of the PayPal lead-in display.

There are several points along the registration path that will permit you to cancel a registration. Look for a large "CANCEL" button which you can click.

The Internet is not a perfect world. On very rare occasions an email will go missing. The email may have ended up in a SPAM or JUNK folder. If your notification does not show up after 24 hours from the time of payment, please use this form to contact the Support Group.

The website was built to be easily navigated, but technical problems can sometimes occur. If that situation arises, you can follow this link and contact the Support Group. You are encouraged to leave a call back number because one of our mottos is, "One phone call is worth 20 emails."

Membership terms determine the length of time members may access the website through their member account. The terms offered are 1 month ($1.29), 3 months ($3.87), 6 months ($7.74), and 1 year ($12.50), and are selected as part of the registration process.

Members are not locked into auto-renewal subscriptions, and will need to renew as the term draws to an end. Renewal may be done at anytime prior to the expiration date, which is displayed on the member's account page. Also, a different term may be selected at renewal simply by selecting a different term on the renewal page. New expiration dates are calculated and extended automatically as payment is received.

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