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  • This Website lets self-nicknamed anonymous members creatively vent political feelings. The site is structured to prevent privacy invasion. And it has no ads ... EVER.
  • Reasonable membership dues ($1.29/month; $3.87/3 months; $7.74/6 months; $12.50/year) permit regular site posting minus trolls, fake news, bullying and arguing.
  • Why should you post Insults daily? Because at least one person in our line-up will make news with something stupid, nasty, or clueless. That should prompt you to post at least one insult, within satirical site bounds.
  • We encourage creative, clever political dissent, as we donate a generous portion of monthy revenues to worthy 501(c)(3) causes. With that uniquely decent website feature:

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This Site's Member-Generated Content Is Inspired by Famously Funny Publications: MAD, National Lampoon, and The Onion. Not so much by Popular Mechanics and Vogue. is a Mocking-Friendly Business unit of Insultor LLC.

What can members expect to see within the site? Below is a sneak peek sample of some of the most recent posts. By becoming a member you can join in with your own personalized insults and comments.

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Jan 25 2:44pm CST no-shirt Wild Card #2 Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), Blue Dog Democrat, are you actually going to jump ship and vote with the Republicans on Impeachment of Trump? He's a dictator!
Jan 25 2:46pm CST pinky Mike Pence Mike Pence is a snake. Just look at hiss past.
Jan 25 2:46pm CST HonestAbe Jim Jordan Guess his wife or a relative dragged him to a menswear store to buy him a patterned shirt to replace those ratty light blue shirts he wears. Still looks like he slept in his clothes.
Jan 25 2:47pm CST trickydick109 Mitch McConnell Mitch has got a lot of problems! You can tell by the way he hold the gavel.
Jan 25 2:49pm CST Scugie Donald Trump No obstruction, no collusion, no bribing, and no VAPING!
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  2. INSULTOR - This column shows the nicknames chosen by current members, and connect to the Comment / Insult.
  3. INSULTEE - This column names the political personality to whom the Comment / Insult is being directed.
  4. COMMENT / INSULT - This is the latest flow of comments and insults. While everyone's 1st Amendment Free Speech Rights are respected, there are some simple rules about violent, threatening and racial posts listed under the "Terms and Conditions" section. Other than that, every member is welcome to open up their browser window and scream (type) as loudly as they want. Each post is maximum 281 characters … going one better than Twitter.

Absolutely No Disputes or Member Abuse on This Website

No mechanisms are provided that will allow for members to comment on other members' posts. This automatically excludes arguments and disputes from erupting.

Member creativity is encouraged, and posts can include limericks, haiku, poems, epigrams, aphorisims, and even groan-inducing puns. The best insults are the most creatively funny. Our main goal is to provide a safe space for members to vent their anger and frustrations, while having some fun along the way..

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